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The Emerald City by The Tossers


The Emerald City by The Tossers

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Chicago’s very own The Tossers had taken about five years to bring us a follow up to their 2008 Victory Records release “On a Fine Spring Evening” with their latest “The Emerald City”. This album finds The Tossers maturing over the years and taking a step up to where a veteran Celtic Punk/ Rock band should be… still with a little bite left in them with some high powered drinking songs with “Here’s To A Drink With You”, “The Break of Dawn”, and “Where The Beer and Whiskey Flow”, to some poetic ballads like “St. Patrick’s Day” and “The Southside of Town”, and some toe tapping sing-along songs with “USA”, “Sláinte”, “Emerald City”, and “Wherever You Go”, and stronger musicianship than ever throughout. It’s hard to believe The Tossers have been around since the early 90′s, since it seems like just yesterday that I got a copy of “Long  Dim Road” from my friends at Thick Records in 2000  and played it on the first show of Paddy Rock Radio show. Although The Tossers are more known for that Celtic Punk sound of yesteryear, and it’s been a while since my previous  favorite Tossers release with their 2005 album “The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death”… this is a new and improved band… and they have made their strongest release to date in both song-writing and in musicianship with”The Emerald City”. Cheers to you bastards. Knew you still had it in ya. Pick this album up today… I picked up the green vinyl… kick ass!!! Long live The Tossers!!

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