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The Tossers – Smash The Windows

The Tossers are a seven-piece Celtic Punk band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in the early 1990s. They are often noted for their fusion of punk rock and traditional Irish music, similar to other successful bands such as The Pogues and Flogging Molly. The band’s name is an anglicized version of an Irish Gaelic word, which roughly translates to “throw away.”

The band’s lyrics frequently touch on themes like politics, drinking, and Irish-American culture. They have become well known for their energetic live performances and their love for their Irish heritage. Their songs are often narratives steeped in Irish history and folklore, reflecting the spirit of traditional Irish songs but with a modern punk twist.

The original members included Tony Duggins (lead vocals, mandolin, banjo), Aaron Duggins (tin whistle), and Dan Shaw (bass). Over the years, the band has seen several line-up changes, with a variety of instruments being added to the mix, including violin, guitar, and drums, which give the Tossers their distinctive sound.

Their discography includes multiple full-length albums, EPs, and singles. Some of their more well-known albums include “Purgatory” (2003), “The Valley of the Shadow of Death” (2005), “Agony” (2007), and “Smash The Windows” (2017).







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 9 reviews
 by Mel
How about a Europe tour? 🙂

The Tossers are one of my favourite bands. I'd love to see them perform in Germany. Maybe there will be another Europe tour with the new album. Can't wait. When they last toured here I didn't know them...

Hello Paddy! I saw your father perform with the Dublin Legends several times. Fantastic shows those were...

 by Juan
The top

One of my favorite bands (music and lyrics are 100%) that I have been grateful to see play once in Atlanta almost 10 years ago. I really want to my son to see them, he is 10, but their aren’t any shows I have seen around GA. I am considering a time that they play in Chicago, to fly us out there and see them.?? Thanks for what you all day, much love.

 by Lori
Just Discovered You

I just ran across you on Amazon Music. Your music is great! I am 67 and have been a fan of Irish punk for about 20 years.

 by Paddy Campbell
Seven Drunken Nice ?

My Dad, Eamonn, was a member of The Dubliners from the early 80s and he would have loved the version of Seven Drunken Nights.

I played him The Pogues album, Rum Sodomy and the Lash, and he ended up arranging The Irish Rover collaboration as a result... (my claim to fame) ???

 by Simon heaton

Are the band recording a new album. As of 2021

 by jim McCabe

Saw the Tossers open for Stiff Little Fingers at Metro a solid 5-7 yrs ago. Are the Tossers still playing (as much as bands can in COVID times)?

 by ChaoticNeutralAntiHero

Fantastic band. It's one of those that has over a dozen of good songs that will cycle as your favorite.

 by Josh
The Tossers are true Celtic Punk at its finest.

Probably the most underrated celtic punk band out. Could give The Pogues a run for their money. Have been around for a while kicking ass. Have been a fan of them for years upon years and seen them quite a few times in the Philly area. Always playing at small venues which keeps the punk aesthetic. Fun and energetic. All their albums are great as well. Nothing remotely negative to say about this band, I just wish they would tour more.

 by Terri Connolly
They rocked Get Shamrocked

The Tossers played in our town at a music festival, and I'd be beyond stoked if they returned. Bought a bunch of their CDs 'cause they are musically stellar, and they bring much craic!


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